Raffi Afeyan

Raffi Afeyan is the head of product strategy and innovation at Generate Biomedicines. He is responsible for a cross-disciplinary effort that centers on applying a platform, product and market lens to the identification and application of the Generate platform. He also performs this role at Cellarity, a Flagship founded company.

Prior to joining Generate, Raffi spent five years at Axcella Health, where he helped to create and implement its amino acid pharmacology platform. He then led a strategic innovation group that explored health and disease opportunities for the platform. This led to the invention of the two clinical assets and two early-stage development candidates across muscle, liver, and blood organs in Axcella’s pipeline. This work has also led to multiple granted and pending patent applications.

Raffi received a PhD in biomedical engineering from Boston University, working under the supervision of Jim Collins. He specialized in synthetic biology and the engineering of DNA-circuits for long-distance signal propagation and decision making in bacteria. He holds a BEng in chemical engineering from McGill University.